Healthchecka.com.ng is owned and managed by Rumors Global Ventures.We are a Nigeria’s healthcare company with one vision: to simplify healthcare. We are driven by our belief that navigating healthcare can be unnecessarily complex. We will educate and support people to take ownership of their own health. We will use our experience of working in science, business, pharmaceuticals and disruptive technology to achieve this.

But we realise that we can’t achieve our goals alone; we have partnerd with experience healthcare providers both locally and internationally that will enable us to achieve our vision to simplify healthcare.


The biggest healthcare challenge faced by our society right now is COVID-19. As a society, we will overcome COVID-19 through a combination of:

1) Improved treatment of acute symptoms;
2) Protection of the most vulnerable in society;
3) Effective vaccination;
4) Extensive and available test-and-trace.

healthcheck.com.ng enables us achieve two of our purposes: to help people take ownership of their own health and to support with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is not enough to only test people with symptoms of COVID-19. Testing has to be widely available to all those who believe they may have been exposed, and that is our first priority as a company.